Optimum Foot Care  Dba Optimum Feet, provides custom arch supports and fitted inserts for people suffering from pain as a result of foot support problems. There is no other agency that provides the level of service that we offer. We believe in making things as simple for you as possible, which is why we provide arch support fittings in your home or office. You can count on us to be professional, listen to your concerns, and provide you with the support you need to become more active and enjoy the time on your feet.

Whether you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, back pain caused by poor foot mechanics, or a sunken arch our team can help you live a more active lifestyle, free from pain and walking problems. Optimum Foot Care Lawton-Fort Sill,OK and SA TX & Ideal Feet, Our arch supports are bio-mechanically designed to position the bones, ligaments, muscles.

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Like the JourneyTM, the SilhouetteTM is an extraordinarily thin product which also offers light support. The SilthouetteTM offers a significantly narrower profile that is perfect for hard to fit cases such as women’s narrow shoes or open sandals.


The SundanceTM is a support that has proven its effectiveness in dealing with foot, knee, hip and back pain in over 35 years of use.


The Winstep TM is a soft and flexible product providing moderate support. It is most often used in combination with the firmer Sundance TM as a trainer to facilitate adapting to the arch support.

Soft Natural™

The Soft Natural TM is a gel – like product offering soft support. Like the Sundance TM and WinStep TM, the Soft Natural TM supports all four arches and allows ventilation of the foot.


The Journey TM is a wafer thin product offering light support. The Journey TM is designed to fit in shoes that normally can not accommodate an arch support.

Comfort Cushion™

The Optimum Foot Care Line Of Cushions are made of pure, natural sponge rubber of the highest quality and are almost always used by our clients during the break – in period for the arch support.